Author: Adam Beach   -   Date: March 24, 2022

As a Financial Life Advisor I have clarified my mission to ‘create margin for a meaningful life’.

The context of margin here is not a ‘margin account’, or necessarily speaking to ‘profit margins’… instead I’m referring to the amount of space or room you have within you. How much margin do you have in your emotional life, your mental life, your relationships, your schedule, and of course your finances? Although a cars engine has higher performance at higher rpm’s – if you only drive in the red line, you’ll damage your engine. Life is the same and when we look at a financial plan, we go beyond the numbers to see what truly brings you happiness and joy. From here we create a quality, written financial plan to intentionally make room in the necessary places (your finances, your schedule) for you to do more of what you love.

Without clarity and comfort in your financial life it is difficult to live with meaning. I help create the space for you to keep your purpose and goals aligned with your financial considerations.

Here are 3 practices that consistently point to a way of living that cultivates significance and meaning:

  • 1) Having goals – even when life is difficult (and it will be), goals reframe the narrative and help the spirit overcome.
  • 2) Being mindful. Living too often in the future or in the past steals significance from the present moment.
  • 3) Choosing gratitude. A daily journal can be very grounding and a pleasure to look through in the future! Gratitude isn’t everything, but it’s right up there with oxygen 🙂

What does a meaningful life look like for you?


What is a Meaningful Life?